It would be wrong to start the story of JD with the planting of a church. It is, in fact, a story that starts with an adoption. Ps Adriano, one of our founders was given up for adoption as a baby and at 9 years old lost his adopted mum and once again found himself without a family. But in the middle of all that pain he found Jesus who gave him a great desire to build a church family centered on love and acceptance.

Our vision is to build the family of God, a community of people where every single member will be loved, accepted and feel connected.

Pastor Adriano and Lucy started a young adult’s ministry in their living room within the church they were members of. As they trusted God this ministry grew far beyond being able to fit in their home with young people crowding in the living room, kitchen and corridor.

As they learnt and grew the calling to be pastors became evident not only to them but also to those around them, leading to them being ordained in 2011. And later the founding of JD Church in 2012.

JD Church started with renting spaces in various school halls. We were a small and dedicated congregation looking to do one thing, create Jesus disciples a community where everyone is loved, accepted and part of the family. As our vision spread we sought a bigger space to hold our growing congregation.

Ten years later here we are, in the heart of Old Town. Supporting our community and creating disciples that follow Jesus. From a living room to a thriving ministry that seeks only to serve and share the true message of Christ.

Our Beliefs

See how we view God, Jesus, the Bible, man, and many significant aspects of our faith. Firmly rooted in Scripture, the beliefs of JD guide our decisions as a church.

About Us

Learn the ten values that keep the vision of JD Church clear. These values reflect our priority to reach people with the Gospel.


Meet the lead Pastors who set the vision of JD Church.